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Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

Oh dear, not sure what happened to blogging in March!

Feel the need for a ‘previously on’ lead in…

Crewed at Cardiff ComicCon at the beginning of the month – as always the highlight of any even of event is seeing the fans, particularly those who cosplay, and more specifically those who force/coerce/persuade their offspring. My two favourites were a family of Dr Who fans –Mum was dressed as Ace, kids as Daleks – youngest couldn’t have been more than four and when we all went ahh how sweet she raised her eyestalk and said ‘exterminate’ – of the scale cute. My other favourite was again a wee lad of 4/5 who was dressed as Emmet from The Lego Movie, little yellow hands and everything – I told him as he walked in that it was the best costume I’d seen all weekend! His Dad said something about it costing a small fortune in gaffer tape.

Oddest moment that weekend was not at the convention but when I went for a Chinese meal in the evening with friends in the Canton area of Cardiff. I was casually looking over at the table across the room from us and noticed a chap I recognised from being in Dr Who (well this is Cardiff after all) it was the bloke who played Donna’s dubious fiancé in The Runaway Bride. I looked to his left and recognised the bloke who played Jonah in an episode of Torchwood (again I though, this is Cardiff). Then I looked to his left and recognised - Kenneth Brannagh! Spookily I’d only been watching his version of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ the night before. I told my friends and there was some probably not so subtle rubbernecking, thankfully they weren’t that close to us. When I looked again I thought, hang on, I recognise that hair! Yes, it was Alex Kingston looking fabulous, sat next to chap I also thought I recognised (possibly played the head of the musketeers in the new series). I did think about trying to ‘accidentally’ be in the ladies loo with Alex but thought better.  I did dare a male friend to ‘follow’ Kenneth in to the gents, but he came back a little while later reporting that he’d gone in a cubicle and well, frankly, as a man there was only so many times he could wash his hands without it being suspicious! Regardless of failed stalking attempts we had a great evening out and I think Brannagh, Kingston & co were out to celebrate the Jonah actors birthday or something (I just happened to be seated facing their table, honest!).

That’s Cardiff for you – Hollywood of Wales!

In other news…came to end of my three month promotion/secondment. Got to play office girl for a while, did lots of admin type stuff, gained some new respect for a colleague who I think gets some undeserved short shrift for other people.

Had a night out a comedy club in Manchester, found the four male comedians far too reliant of crude language and insulting comments about women. My friends and I were seated near the front (not by choice!) and of course we got ‘involved’. I did apparently get the best laugh of the evening though, with my reply to a question I had thrown at me – I have witnesses! I won’t repeat it, you did have to be there, but it does kind of show how poor the standard of acts was.

Just got over a very nasty bout of food poisoning, or potentially a severe reaction to eating Quorn depending on how reliable the internet is! I spent two days being unable to leave the flat or eat due to really bad abdominal pains and the rest. Spent one day listening to to talking book version of Dr Who and the abominable snowmen! Apparently there is a recognised allergy/reaction to Quorn products which I think has had more media focus in the USA than here in the UK. On the plus side I lost 5 pounds which finally took me under 11stone, just! And now after being back in work and survived the day, I’ve managed to eat something more than a slice of toast and I’m practically buzzing with energy!

Got season three of Game of Thrones on DVD, I’m about six episodes in, I’m getting quite anxious… I’m relatively spoiler free and I have a very bad feeing that things are going get quite dark!