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McGann, hug!, Doctor Who

Light at the End

Finally caught up with listening to Big Finishes Doctor Who 50th anniversary special audio story ‘Light at the End’. I got the standard CD as a Xmas present – after failing to justify the expense of the limited edition version (a making of documentary, some photos and a pretty box did not warrant an extra £25 quid).

Given all the stuff that was produced for the 50th I thought it would be nice to hold something back to enjoy later. Listened to it all in one sitting last night and while I enjoyed it, it was a little disappointing.

Good bits -

Having all the Doctors up to and including the 8th together was fun. McGann & Tom Baker teaming up was great to hear. I haven’t listened to any of the new Tom stories but now I think I will.

5th Doctor and Nyssa are my favourite pairing so nice that they got a good chunk of the plot.

Bob Dovie plot was bitter sweet. Lovely to have actual children delivering children’s dialogue, meant their ‘death’ was all the more poignant. The pay off at the end of all the Doctor’s turning up on Bob’s doorstep at the middle of the night was well played.

Poor bits –

How stupid was the Master? Creating a situation where 8 Doctors get together and thinking nothing could possibly go wrong with his plan? Muppet.

The whole resolution was a bit of a cop out – going back in time to change thing happening in the first place?

Really felt the absence of Nicholas Courtney & Lis Sladen, kind of expect them to be always around they were such Who stalwarts.

In conclusion in was a pretty good attempt at doing an anniversary special but my heart still belongs to Zagreus. It’s utterly bonkers, the actors quite clearly have no idea what it’s all about but still give their all. Rassilon was a proper villain voiced magnificently by Don Warrington. I still listen to it quite often, and some times it even makes complete sense!

In real life – new job going surprisingly well, with the bonus of me using Tumblr for work!