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McGann, hug!, Doctor Who

Supernatural season 8 marathon completed

Oh Dean, you’re completely f**ked up but I still love you.

The Winchester boys have suffered a lot over the years, and there’s more angst to come as I’ve just heard announced that there’s going to be a season 10!

Supernatural is fun, moving, tragic, silly and always entertaining. The two leads are ridiculously pretty but my favourite is Dean.

It’s obvious for even the most casual viewer that the most important things to Dean are family, friends, his car, and pie, in that order.

It’s only the last few seasons I’ve seen that I’ve released how deeply unhealthy the brothers co-dependency is. They’d be much better off if they split up – but of course there would be no show if they did!

Dean’s friendships with Cas and in season 8 the vampire Benny show that once he lets someone in his loyalty is unfailing, but if they betray him he holds a grudge until they redeem themselves in his eyes. Even Sam frequently disappoints him.

Dean's never had a stable family upbringing and on occasions you get a glimpse of the yearning he has for the simple life.
Two moments stick in my mind. One is when – and I can’t remember now the how or why – but his mother was alive and well living in a typical suburban house, and we see Dean cheerfully mowing her lawn in the front garden – such a regular thing for a son to do but its something Dean’s never, ever been able to do and its kind of heart breaking.

The other is from season 8 when the brothers find the secret HQ of the Men of Letters. It’s a safe place for once and the boys start to nest – Dean gets his own room – he admits he’s never had his own room, to decorate and feel ‘this is mine’, oh Dean  - I just want to give him a hug!