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work, Bruce Boxleitner

Year so far

It’s only the 9th but things have occurred!

I’ve sort of got a new job. Very long boring explanation behind it but in summary  - a colleague who has a fixed term position until the end of March is jumping ship before she’s pushed.  The museum still has Arts Council money to spend before the end of March so they want to fill the post. Enter me who did once apply for the post in question – fundraising & business development assistant.  Asked if I would be interested in doing it for 3 days a week, while still doing my current job 2 days – with the guarantee I can go back to my ‘proper’ job in April (because no matter how good I may turn out to be there is no more money to pay for the post)?

I’m bored to tears with my current job as front of house minion so I naturally said yes.

One slight drawback – the woman I’ll be assisting is… challenging. In that she’s not very good at her job, not all of it mind you, but some significant elements – and she kind of knows it, hence slight stress management issues.

My current manager is joking about be going to ‘the light side’, thinking that my current work lie in the dark side. Yeah – other way round mate. Definitely feel I’m going to be entering the scary world of ‘behind the scenes’. It’s been ages since I’ve worked in an office, though I doing suppose you ever forget how to ride a desk.