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work, Bruce Boxleitner

Where did Christmas go?

Three days off, gone in the blink of an eye!

Was productive, intended to eat lots and i did indeed eat lots! Turkey ran out far too soon, my giant Christmas cake was still going strong when I left my parents this morning. Saw the Hobbit II, three hours was looonnng... but it was pretty in 3D. My mum was quite taken with the bees in 3D! Loved the barrell scene and the potential dwarf / elf romance, was rather sweet.

The Doctor Who xmas special was, erm, well we did get a regeneration at the end, eventually. At the end my only thoughts were; Moffat must be stopped, and Orla Brady was fab.

Back to work today, grr. Though I did get a late christmas present when a police officer turned up and showed us a photo and asked if we'd seen this lad - one of our regular scumbags. Yes, he's upstairs in the library. Shortly after scumbag was escorted out in handcuffs. Thank you Santa!