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McGann, hug!, Doctor Who

Time flies!

Oops I missed posting anything since October, well I’ve been busy. November was obviously dominated by the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

Loved the special episode but frankly it could have been utter drivel and I wouldn’t have cared because Steven Moffat only a week a so before gave us Paul McGann back, and that made my year. I was sneaking on the web at work, in a quite corner of the museum with no-one about I was reading my facebook updates and a friend had posted a link to a video that he said would ‘blow me away’. Hmm, there are only so many different versions of trailers you can watch before you start to go ‘meh’. Anyway I couldn’t resist (and they put wi-fi in the galleries for a reason didn’t they?) so clicked play.

“I’m a Doctor. But probably not the one you were expecting.”

Bloody hell!

I had to stop the playback, and I’m not sure if I actually made an audible squee. Moffat you sneaky, sneaky b’stard. I’m torn between disappointment with the way he’s ran the show to utter adoration for giving the fans moments like this!

Oh, I could write reams about how much I loved that little tiny ‘Night of the Doctor’ mini-episode. Thanks to the red button service I’ve it watched so many times I can genuinely recite it verbatim. If having John Hurt in the ‘Day of the Doctor’ hadn’t been brilliant I’d be a little more aggrieved at not having more McGann. And there was an acknowledgement of the Big Finish audios – Charlie. C’rizz and co.!

Had a great time during the anniversary weekend. The Friday at the ‘celebration’ convention was great. After the trauma that was Destination Star Trek London at the ExCel it was interesting to be on the other side – being a paying punter rather than crew. Highlights including drooling over contents of the wardrobe bus, having Bernard Cribben’s sing to us, and my friend not giving birth (she was 8 ½ months!). Only negative being the epic queuing, and the fact that there were so many people there that we didn’t even get into the BBC shop! Didn’t stop me buying a Special Weapons Dalek from the Forbidden Planet stall tough.

After London I went to Cardiff. On the 23rd had a lovely stroll down the Bay, went in the shop of the Doctor Who Experience – boy that place was heaving! Bought more souvenirs – including a Tom Baker scarf! There was a TARDIS on top of Cardiff Castle and Weeping Angels at Mermaids Quay, fantastic! Love Cardiff, even with out the Who I think it’s a great city.

My mates and I watched the ‘Day of the Doctor’ at Newport Cineworld. Lots of fun, great atmosphere, I had my ridiculously long and cosy scarf which I wore proudly. At the end of the showing the cinema turned out the lights as we were all trying to leave and I had a legitimate reason to use my sonic screwdriver to light the way out!

Right December, Xmas shopping done. Had my first Christmas meal when I visited my friend and my godchildren at the weekend. Works do next Thursday – a Jacobs Join, I’m taking my awesome Christmas cake.