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Another year older…hopefully wiser

Saw my birthday in with a full day at work on Monday. Quite a contrast from crewing at the Star Trek convention last year. Got cake and presents which was lovely. Went fencing in the evening and we got the electrics out and had some proper matches. I even won a fight against a grown up – who takes takes it all considerably more seriously than I do, and I had actually missed a few weeks recently so I was rather chuffed!

Got to be acting foreman at work for the first time recently. Yes we’re so lacking in staff that I’m being bumped up to occasional supervisor!  I was pleased that the Grade I listed museum was still standing at the end of the day. With doing a Train the Trainer course last month I’m improving my CV no end. Unfortunately there aren’t the jobs at the moment to apply for.

Less than a month now to the Doctor Who convention and anniversary next month! I may be older but I’m still a geek! Got rather frustrated with the announcement and release of tickets for the 3D screen at cinemas of the Day of the Doctor. Official website said Cardiff Odeon was showing it, so I dutifully tried to book – as I can’t get that website on my phone because its only on Google Chrome grr, had to wait to my lunch break and of course tickets had sold out. BUT had the revelation that Newport isn’t that far from Cardiff and hurrah, success – four tickets booked for the Cardiff posse! Then I discovered that the Cineworld in Cardiff was also showing the special but is also sold out…if I’d have known yesterday, gah!

But I’m now sorted for the 50th anniversary! Travel to London on the Thursday, YHA room booked. Convention Friday! Cardiff straight after then a short trip to Newport on Saturday for the special. Allons-y!